The Centre offers a wide range of in house services for you and your family, some of which are listed below.

Infants & children
Developmental checks
Nutritional advice

General health check (including breast exam and pap test)
Family planning advice
Pre-conceptual advice
Pregnancy tests
Antenatal care (with Sonicaid to listen to your baby's heart)
Postnatal checkup
Menopause advice

General health check (including prostate and testicle checkup)
Hair loss treatment

Mental state and functional check (including dementia assessment)

Heart check (including EGG)
Lung test (including spirometry)
Travel advice and vaccination
Stitching of wounds
Skin check and treatment (including liquid nitrogen treatment, cautery and surgery for abnormal lesions)
Counselling and treatment of depression
Dietary advice
Palliative care

Reminder registers
We will send you reminders for regular immunizations and review of chronic diseases like diabetes.



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